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7000 Girls



Pledge to save our #VANISHINGGIRLS by giving them


To honour and respect girls and women and strive to ensure that sex-selective abortions are not conducted in my family and among my friends.


To stand up for the women in my family to have an equal share in the resources of the family, including their legal inheritance.


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To recognize that men and women are equally deserving of respect and opportunities in our families, places of work and in the society.


what our supporters say

I can hear the silent scream of pain when a girl is killed in her mother’s womb. Can you hear it too?
Jaiwant Patankar
Only when education translates into behaviour, can we set our girls free from the bonds of inequality and let them soar.
Elina Yohannan
Let your daughter grow, be her friend not her foe.
Loreign Ovung
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